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Keep Cool While Keeping Your Energy Costs Down

Aug 7 2015 Two thirds of households in America have air conditioners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy — and they spend a total of $11 billion each year running them. Our guess is that most of those households (which may include yours) wouldn’t mind spending... more

Tips for a Safe Fourth of July — From Food to Fireworks

Jul 2 2015 Memorial Day might be the unofficial start of summer, but Independence Day is when the season truly kicks into high gear. July 4 is a holiday that has something for everyone, whether you like to host (or attend) backyard barbecues, get out on the water or... more

Commuting by Bike: How to Get to the Office on Two Wheels

Jun 5 2015 There are plenty of great reasons to bike to work: Commuters who ride save money on gas and car insurance, stay fit and help the environment (they don’t get stuck in traffic, either). And they even have fun — as long as they keep safety in mind at all times,... more

Getting Your Boat Out of Storage and Into the Water

May 1 2015 Spring is here, and you’re ready to get out on the water. But is your boat ready? Even if you’ve kept it properly stored for the winter and protected from the elements, there are still a number of things you need to do before hitting the local lakes and... more

Spring Into Home Maintenance Mode in California

Apr 3 2015 Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and, as the weather gets warmer here in Thousand Oaks, California, and the days grow longer, there's a positive energy in the air. Many people decide it's the perfect time for reorganizing and refreshing their homes, while... more

How to Create Your First Garden This Spring

Mar 6 2015 From genetically modified crops to the environmental and health effects of pesticides, more and more California residents are questioning whether they should grow what they eat. Wherever you stand on the issues surrounding today’s food supply, however,... more

Helping Seniors Have a Wonderful Winter

Feb 6 2015 Slippery sidewalks. Freezing temperatures. Power outages. Winter isn't always a wonderland. If you regularly lend a hand to a senior friend or family member here in California, it may be a good time of the year to provide some extra support. Read on to learn... more

The Right Tires for Winter Driving

Jan 9 2015 It's easy to forget about your tires when it comes to vehicle safety. But with winter weather already in many parts of the country, tires are an important aspect you should keep in mind. Your tires can be the difference between a safe trip and a disastrous... more

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Four-Legged Friends

Dec 5 2014 As a nation, our pets are like family, so let's make sure they enjoy the holidays with us while staying safe. As a general rule of thumb, always keep pets on a regular routine, even during the holiday season. Don't let regular feeding, exercising and playing... more

Make Home Safety a Priority While You’re Away for the Holidays

Nov 7 2014 The holidays can be a great time to get out of town to visit family you rarely get to see, hit the slopes or flee to the beach. Regardless of how you spend your time away, you need to ensure your house stays safe while you’re gone. A house left empty can... more

  • 2015

    • August
      • Keep Cool While Keeping Your Energy Costs Down
    • July
      • Tips for a Safe Fourth of July — From Food to Fireworks
    • June
      • Commuting by Bike: How to Get to the Office on Two Wheels
    • May
      • Getting Your Boat Out of Storage and Into the Water
    • April
      • Spring Into Home Maintenance Mode in California
    • March
      • How to Create Your First Garden This Spring
    • February
      • Helping Seniors Have a Wonderful Winter
    • January
      • The Right Tires for Winter Driving
  • 2014

    • December
      • Holiday Safety Tips for Your Four-Legged Friends
    • November
      • Make Home Safety a Priority While You’re Away for the Holidays
    • October
      • Essential Safety Tips for Nighttime Boating
    • September
      • 5 Tips for Organizing Your Home for the New School Year
    • August
      • Celebrate National Night Out With Your Neighbors
    • July
      • Make Recycling and Reducing Routine
    • May
      • Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions
      • Keep Water from Going Where it Shouldn't
    • April
      • A Little Extra Caution Can Go a Long Way While Driving at Night
    • March
      • Fleet Insurance: What it is, and what it covers
      • What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor
      • Home Security Tips
      • 5 Tips For Protecting Your Home while you’re Away
    • February
      • The Wonders of Water
      • 3 Tips for Keeping your Children Strong and Healthy
      • Mind Games: The Surprising Learning Benefits of Exercise
      • Five Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Car Stolen
      • Home Insurance: What’s Affecting Your Rates?
    • January
      • 4 Tips for Staying on Top of your New Year Resolutions
      • Insuring your Restaurant: The Basics
      • How Does General Liability Insurance Protect Small Businesses?
      • The Importance of Workers Compensation
      • Protect Your Family From the "Silent Killer"
  • 2013

    • December
      • Staying safe During the Holidays
      • Saving Money during the Holidays
      • Holiday Activities in Miami
      • Make Sure Your Pets Travel Well for the Holidays
      • The Benefits of Renters Insurance
    • November
      • 5 Tips to Winterize your Home
      • Should I Rent or Buy my Next Home?
      • Creating an Emergency Car Kit
      • Make Football Season Fun and Safe
    • October
      • Keeping Safe on Halloween
      • Friends Driving your Car
      • Finding the Right Condo
      • A Different Season Means Different Dangers For Motorcyclists
    • September
      • Unusual Insurance Policies
      • Back to School Safety Reminders
      • What is Event Insurance?
    • August
      • Back To School Tips for Your Family
      • Family Summer Activities
      • Flood Insurance - What You Should Know
    • July
      • What to do if Your Tire Blows
      • What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?
      • Most Dangerous Summer Activities
      • When Things go BOOM in the Night - Fireworks Safety
    • June
      • How to Have Fun and Be Safe while at the Beach
      • Insurance Tips or Graduating Students
      • What Does Flood Insurance Cover?
      • Do You Own a Classic Car of the Future?
    • May
      • What is Renters Insurance?
      • Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home
      • Sharing the Road with Motorcycles
      • A Time to Celebrate Mothers
    • April
      • ATV Safety Tips
      • National Community Service Month
      • How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring
      • It's Time for Spring Cleaning!
    • March
      • Why you need a Carbon Monoxide Detector
      • What Should You Do If You Witness a Car Accident?
      • Get Ready to Safely 'Spring Forward'
    • February
      • Be the Pinnacle of Health & Wellness This Winter
    • January
      • Protect Your Motorhome and RV From the Cold
  • 2012

    • December
      • Make Sure Your Holidays Stay Happy … and Safe
    • November
      • Tips for Preparing for Your Holiday Driving Trip
    • October
      • Halloween Safety: Be Ready When the Little Goblins Come Out
    • September
      • When the Kids Head for College, Put “Insurance 101" on Your Class List
    • August
      • Get the Most Out of Your RV This Summer
    • July
      • Make Your Vacation a Great One
    • June
      • A Home Inventory Will Help You Know What You Own
    • May
      • Safety Tips for Your Boat Trailer
    • April
      • Be Safe on Your Motorcycle
    • March
      • Spring is Coming!
  • 2011

    • December
      • Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

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